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Friday, July 1

What's your happy hut?

due to the change of topic in the last entry's comments, i thought i'd take a moment to discuss fast food.

i grew up in a Reduced Fat Household. my mother has been a Jazzercise instructor since i was 2 years old. my father had a heart attack early in his life and therefore, i grew up with rice cakes, celebrated Snackwells and can successfully stretch every muscle in my body. Oh, and my parents raised us Catholic (this is important for later in the story).

McDonald's was a huge treat for my sister and i. we loooved the fries and would actually count them out to see who got more. Remember the days when you were small enough to get the free kiddie cone? and the day you finally graduated to your very own chocolate shake? We were total brand name snobs, and therefore McDonald's was waayyyy better than "Booger King". during lent, when rushed, mom actually took us to McD's for fish sandwiches. there is nothing quite like sopping up the tartar sauce with fries - mmmm!!!

i used to savor my fast food experiences b/c they were few and far in between. in high school, during off-campus lunch, i celebrated the $1 menu at Wendy's. i think i actually lived off of chicken nuggets and small frosties for a year. and then in college, the start of "open late" was reason enough to get my nose out of the books for a greasy taco or burger at 2am (well, what wasnt a good reason??).

and now that i'm "all grown up" with a "budget" and making "healthy decisions" for myself, i find i'm reverting to my mother's choices. in fact, for lunch today, i have a small serving of Quakes, a chicken ceasar salad (lite dressing) and a carton of fat free yogurt. and i'm rather looking forward to it! i dont drink soda anymore, unless it's mixed with whiskey... and i'd much rather go to a more "upscale" fast food place than McDonald's any day.

1. Chipotle (veggie burrito w/ guac on the side)
2. Jimmy John's (#12 on wheat)
3. Pizza (preferably Italian Pie Shoppe sausage)
4. Noodles & Co. (pesto capattavi)

and then there's the Happy House . i'm from Chicago and i truely enjoy a hot dog. i celebrate the hot dog in all forms: plain, with ketchup & mustard, the works, in mac & cheese and the greatest of all greats - the chili cheese dog. the Happy Hut (mis-named by yours truely) is a tiny place in West Chicago that my dad found pre-heart attack. they serve any kind of hot dog or brat you could imagine with enough krinkle fries to stuff you silly. it's hard to spot cuz it's tiny. it was started by a guy for reasons unknown (i like to believe that he had a trailer and opened it up as a hot dog shop for construction workers back in the day when nothing existed in that area besides grassland & trees). and the shop has not changed. it looks like a brown shed. you wait in line (it never takes that long) enter through one door, order & pay a rediculously low price, get the food, exit the other door. there are a few picnic tables in the parking lot, and it''s across the street from a forest preserve. ohhhhhh how i love and miss the Happy Hut.

ok, i've gone on long enough about my favorite fast foods. Question of the post: What are your fondest memories/best loved fast food-related things???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh hell yes the beach club on wheat rules all.

2:12 PM

Blogger Becky P. said...

I can eat Arby's, Subway, Steak Escape... mostly the fast food places that still manage to serve actual food.

McDonalds and Toxic hell are right out, though, if in dire need of a burger/shake fix, I can busted going to Wendy's...

like, twice a year, maybe.

3:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I celebrate fast food, and while I realize that this is the reason I am fat, I don't care. I hate cooking. I have started to enjoy fruit. My favorite fast food is two crunchy tacos from Taco Hell. I also like the Baja Sol Tortilla grill. Probably my favorite "bad for you" food as a kid was the Book-It pizza. If you read a certain amount of time, you got a free mini pizza from Pizza Hut. The nearest Pizza Hut was half an hour away, so we only got pizza there when we got our free Book-It pizza. Ah, good days.

7:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a bit of a junk food junkie, which is odd because my mom was actually made a lot of home made dinners. The problem is that it is hard to make dinners when you are one person living alone, therefore I end up making a quiche and eating it for four days. It's nummy but a little bit tiring after a while.


11:10 AM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

wow, i loved Book-It pizzas.... pizza is always an acceptable form of junk food. and if you put enough healthy stuff on one, it's not junk food anymore. like, the garlic mashed potato pizza from Pizza Luce. or, for that matter thier mock duck bbq pizza. that's gotta be good for you, right? ;o)

10, i do that too, or when i eat out, i make sure i take home a doggy bag. my favoite mass-quantity food is tuna noodle casserole. and then lasagne. if i dont have a big meal already stored in tupperware, i'll usually scrounge around for a hot dog or have breakfast for dinner as opposed to the fast food run. i'm just too lazy!!

11:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell did this have to do with being catholic?

8:55 AM


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