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Sunday, May 29

my life as an optimist?

shit happens and it sucks... i'm at home enjoying my family and friends adn lack of work. at first, nothing happened and it was good. then drama unfolds and it is bad. all my friends have blog entries lately about change, so i figure here's my two cents. wherever i go, i get the same stuff. i figure this is b/c i'm the same person. and i am loyal to the people i love, so no matter where i go, i carry them with me (sometimes literally). i guess drama is just drawn to me. i tend to lead a rather calculated life. i get high strung when the out of the ordinary happens - in good ways and bad alike. i'm actually the "laid back" one in my family, which makes me laugh uncontrollably. so maybe shit happens and i just overreact. maybe what i view as drama is really just Life for others. perhaps even my perception of drama will change over the years (after i've lost a few pounds and gained a few gray hairs from anxiety).

so, with that said, i'm comfortable with my life right now. if changes happen in the future (which they are like to be) i'll roll with it as best as possible, knowing that life as it is will stay at relatively teh same sanity level. hoorah for sanity!


Blogger Becky P. said...

Since my official, drawn-out manifesto on the topic has already manifested itself elsewhere, I will say only this:

I too, am overcome with anxiety at the advent of change. Strangely, however, if I go too long without any drama in my life, I start complaining and rocking the boat. Apparently, I very much enjoy my nail-biting habit... or something.

3:06 PM


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