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Sunday, June 26

Monologues, sililoqueys & diatribes

my brain thinks in mysterious ways.... if i so happen to get fired up about something - politics, food, insensitivity - i will engage in a rapid-fire monologue, sililoquey or diatribe. it depends on the issue at hand. i am very prone to monologues, and my good friends humor my habit. acquaintenses who dont know how to deal with it usually think i'm starting a discussion, and some people think i'm yelling at them. but these occurances happen at home too. i dont think my cat can really understand me, so i guess i'm sililoquey-ing then. i wonder what the neighbors think?

i do enjoy a good raving diatribe on occasion. especailly if you break a sweat or need a shot of whiskey when you're through. i know rage isnt a healthy thing to have, but sometimes it feels soooo gooood!


Blogger Becky P. said...

Nonsense. Rage is perfectly normal. I hate how we're all supposed to be happy and kind all the time like we never notice the world is a ridiculous place.

Hate it. I HATE IT!!!! *temper tantrum*

Just kidding. But you forgot "tirades".

They happen to be my favorites.

2:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely walk around my house imagining to tell off the people I'd like to tell off in real life (i.e. my arch nemisis, IT, authority figures, Tom Cruise, Congress). I don't know what that's called, other than a rant, but I definitely do it out loud. If the neighbors hear me, they never ask about it once they figure out that I live alone. :)

8:51 AM


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