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Tuesday, June 21

Alas, alack, a fidgeter am I

i am a fidgeter. i have alwyas been a fidgeter. when i was a kid (and a big dork), i had a pair of jeans with superdeep pockets that i would fill with various objects for fidgeting with. i can remember i had a koosh ball in each pocket (one red and black, the other red and yellow), an egg of silly putty, a keychain flashlight, a worry stone, change, paper and mini pencil. Mom wouldnt let me wear the jeans to church, so while in church, i had to find other means of fidgeting. and, for all of you other slightly ADD kids out there, you know how hard it is to sit still AND be quiet. that was when i first started playing with my nails.

i'm not a biter, and never have been. i once decided to become a nail biter, so i started with my first left finger. i was watching Flight of the Navigator and the suspense caused me to bite the nail all the way down to the base, causing much blood & pain. no more nail biting for me. But i do push my cuticles back, i've gotten really good at removing hangnails with my teeth, i clean them out and i drum them on surfaces.

my most recent habits include flicking my nails together and making a clicking noise (which drives half my friends crazy). the other one is to dig my nails (mostly my pinky) into the palm of my hand, or rub the sharp tips against my thumbs. neither is productive in any way. i actually have callouses on my palms. and i cannot seem to stop myself from playing with my pinky. my nails are effing sharp!

dont tell me to cut my nails, either. if you've seen them, you'd know why. they grow extra super fast. like mutants. and they are really strong, so when i do care for them them (once a week or its very unruly) it takes forever.

i guess this is better than stuffing my purse with toys, even if it is a bit self-destructive. is anyone else a fidgeter? any more good habits out there that i havent found yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a fidgeter. I practiced writing with my left hand in CIFA. Also, twirling your foot when you have your legs crossed or even wiggling your toes works well. I too do the clicking the nails together thing. I also click pens. I gave up nail biting as well. It was one of the things on my list.

2:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

no fun habits for you but flight of the navigator was bomb. I need to see that again!

3:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also loved flight of the navigator. Although it did scare me a bit. I did re watch it as a 9th grader and it was still a decent movie

I am also a figiter and I broke myself of biting my nails, but like you I still play with them. I am horrible in meetings - which makes my bosses question whether I am paying attention, I am, but I just can't pay that much attention without doing something else. College was great because you were always taking notes, so I've adopted that a bit and am always taking notes now too. Shaking your legs, tapping your feet, wiggling your toes all work well. And when that fails I start playing with my electronic equipment like phones (or computer) hehe!!


12:41 PM

Blogger Becky P. said...

Even though I am a helpless nailbiter, there are certain TYPES of fidgeting that make me insane... the leg bouncing one is the worst...
I just watch it out of the corner of my eye, and almost inevitably will reach over and grab the person's knee to stop it...

never really understood how I developed this little bit of hypocrisy, but it's a real peeve...

9:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I think most of you know I have quite the habit for fidgeting... I've tried to stop, but unlike most of you who broke yourselves of the nasty nail biting habit, I have not been able to cure myself of my hair twirling. I just can't do it. I do have to say though, that I have cut down in recent years. :) There is just something so satisfying about twisting your hair around and around and feeling the texture between your fingers. Ok its strange, I know. But I can't stop!
I did stop once, for about a month. It was glorious. My sister was the one who cured me. We were living in Japan together and she found it utterly annoying (as does anyone who watches me twist and twirl my hair right off my head) and decided she would put an end to it. Being as we were around each other pretty much 24/7 (we did not have a lot of english speaking friends in Japan) she decided to start saying "Stop it!!" EVERY time she would see me twirling. No good. That just happened to stress me more, or annoy me more, which would lead to more twisting... (again, weird, I know)! So, my sister, exercising her sometimes random mind, decided to say "CAKE!" every time she'd see me reaching for my hair. And, to our surprise, it WORKED! I stopped for a whole month! But, just as any addiction will do, the cravings came back and I indulged. *sigh* Its my way of handling stress and boredom. Go figure. I'm destined to be bald at 34. Whats a girl to do?


5:11 PM

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