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Tuesday, July 19

More Cowbell!!!

This past weekend I participated in the MS SUN 75; a grueling 75 mile rollerblade that takes place over two days, starting in Hinkley and ending in Duluth. For those of you out of state, this weekend went in the record books for the 3rd hottest streak in MN history. The dew point was tropical, the skyline was hazy, and the sun was plentiful. Now, before you get all impressed with my rollerblading tenacity, I should have you know that I only volunteered my services for the cause.

Call me a pansy if you must, but I had a great weekend! I borrowed my bff’s SUV and loaded up my team’s excess goodies (Powerade, snacks, a guitar, boombox & random tent poles) and headed out to rest stop #3 in Rutledge.

From 8am till 12:30pm my pal Amy and I grooved to some oldies and passed out Gatorade, water, grapes, chips and granola bars to sweaty, stinky but enthusiastic skaters. Day 2 lead me to the finish line where I was an official cheerleader, complete with pom-pom and cowbell. My mom would be proud, I tell you. The mantra of the trip was “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”… oh, and “more COWBELL!”…

Our team consisted of 21 skaters and 3 volunteers (the other guy was a truck loader/unloader). Every single skater crossed the finish line on the 2nd day. There were a few spills along the way, but overall, everyone had a positive attitude.

If I ever figure out how to post pix from this computer, I’ll post some good ones. But in the meantime, follow the link at the top, and DONATE if you can! The doors don’t close until September and every penny counts!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Rutledge, I grew up a couple miles west of there. My school always did the 25-mile roundtrip bike ride from Hinkley to Finlayson as a fundraiser. LP

7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's interesting about this entry is that this is the second time in under 12 hours that I've heard the phrase "more cowbell," even though I've never ever heard it before.

Yay you for being cool and helping out with the MS rollerblade thing. You rock.


7:49 AM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

you should start saying "more cowbell". it's rather satisfying when things arent going quite your way.

10:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should also find the SNL skit online that is 'More Cowbell' as that was one of Nick's favorite skits of all time. And it has Christopher Walken yelling 'More Cowbell' and Will Ferrell... I mean, does it get better??? I don't think so...


12:49 PM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

dude, i totally linked the site... i rule.

2:03 PM


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