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Thursday, April 10

verizon's sneaky charges - you CANT avoid them, but CAN be aware of them

i've had verizon service since 2000 and have been incensed off-and-0n about various contractual iniquities and inconsistencies during the duration of my contract. but, every time i've made a logical complaint to the customer service department, i've received a good response and rectification. this time, i'm really freaking mad with zero appeasement possible.

if you press (accidentally or not) the Get It Now feature, you automatically incur a $1.99 fee. EVERY time you press it - intentionally or no. if you take the feature off your shortcut keys, you reduce the risk of accidental activation, but it still remains in your main menu as a selection. on my phone it is, in fact, main menu item #1. there is no way to remove this feature or hide it or disable it.

i have, on occasion, accidentally pressed "Get It Now" and half a second later (once i realize what i've done) i press "End" and continue on my tapping. apparently this has happened once in march and once in february because each billing cycle included a $1.99 "Data Fee." when i called to have the accidental charges removed they informed me of the asinine contractual agreement in the preceding paragraph which cannot be argued.

for those of you that know me, yes i'm in a state of blind rage right now - hence the detailed blog peppered with elevated diction. i'm on a quest to locate some folks in the verizon chain-of-command to send a complaint letter to. who knows what this will get me. probably nothing. but i'll probably feel a little better about complaining and about warning others about this ridiculous scam. so, dear reader, if you have verizon service, be forewarned (unlike me): dont press the Get It Now button unless you mean it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

true dat - same prob here. lets just say my online password isn't "verizonsucks" for nothing. hehe. -brew

11:33 AM


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