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Friday, March 14

update on apartment search

just cuz i keep getting questions...

it's not going so well. apparently our price range gives us the gamut of choices, but the higher you go, ironically, the smaller the bedrooms. why is it that people think you can sleep in a shoebox but MUST have a full kitchen? oh, i love a big kitchen, especially if the space is well-organized, but dammit, i have a bed AND a dresser (actually 2, but i can store one, oh yes, i can). a QUEEN bed - a big girl bed! c'mon, who sleeps in twin beds anymore? i'd love to be able to walk into my bedroom and get to the dresser w/o crawling over the bed and scootching it against the door to open the drawers. please.

one of the positives of looking at a bazillion places is that i've seen quite a few neighborhoods. the wicker park triangle area is absolutely amazing. even though i do prefer a quiet street and privacy (and parking), it's hard not to be seduced by the boutiques, small restaurants, gorgeous architecture and constant stream of incredibly interesting passers-by.

the other neighborhood that i hadnt considered until future roomie (e) pointed it out is just to the west of the wicker park triangle, and slightly north. you're still blocks away from amazing boutiques, cafes and bars, but you're nestled into a tree-lined haven of graystones and landscaped gardens. a few blocks south is olivia's market, the cutest corner store you'll ever find. it's stocked with a meat & cheese deli, gourmet snack food section, fresh produce with organic options everywhere. yes, it's still a corner store so you can still grab a bag of chips and a soda with your paper, but you could also splurge and get a fresh danish or snag a free sample of salami.

even though the apartment searching isnt going as smoothly as hoped, i'm now confident that all of the nooks we're looking in are filled with wonderful little surprises that i cannot wait to find.


Blogger Michael said...

Dr. G. How's it going? I stumbled upon your blog, I noticed you were looking for an apartment. Myself and a friend have a site that is free to use, it's called MyApartmentMap. I was wondering if you might want to give it a try and let your readers know about it as well. The site pulls apartment listings from many different locations, landlords post sites and we plot them all on a map. When viewing the listing on the map, you are also able to see where the apartment is located in relation to local grocery stores, laundry and schools, bars and gyms.

Looks like you are in Chicago, start here: There are 93 pages of apartments in that borough alone.

Hope you find it useful and if you do, share it with your readers:)

Take care,

8:20 PM


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