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Thursday, March 27


it's official - as of april 1st*, i'll no longer be a suburbanite! of course, on april 1st, i'll be out of town, away on a well-needed vacation, but hey, i'll have a lease!

our new place is in a great neighborhood (we're debating if it's east village, ukie village, noble square or west town - its right on the cusp of all four) in a safe, newish building complete with parking spot, rooftop deck, washer-dryer and a/c. the kitchen has nice appliances and the FIREPLACE is wood-burning. emily's adorable wingback chairs will sit nicely with my blue couch and we'll cross our fingers over hot cocoa (with baileys) that our cats will not kill each other. oh, and then in the summer, over margaritas, you'll come over to sunbathe and grill w/ me, right? there's nothing quite like summer in the city!!

but in the meantime, i'm stuck at work for 8 more hours, plugging away mercilessly at manuscript turnover and answering dumbass emails... and then - away to the ridiculously large house on the coast! hopefully i'll have some pix to post after i get back.

*if you wish to help me move in to my new place - please call asap!


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