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Friday, February 22

the search

the search for a new apartment has started. prospective roommate e and i have our feelers out in all directions (well, extending no further than armitage, grand, western or ashland...) and the walk-throughs will commence today.

i'm nervous about this. last time i searched for apartments i felt pushed into a choice i couldnt afford. yes, i ended up enjoying my surroundings and was definitely thankful for the move southward, but i still felt uneasy about the situation. this time around, i'm a bit more skeptical than i was a year ago. i really dont wish my hesitance to be a deterrent or obstacle in the process, so i've laid out my concerns flat, and since my future roomie is not a close friend (yet), i feel that we can work together, patiently, to find a very nice place.

some things i learned about my future roomie that make me happy: she likes english muffins, cribbage, wine, frozen pizza, owns an electric tea kettle and listens to wait wait dont tell me every saturday. the funniest thing we have in common is that neither of us like to make phone calls, which means we'll always argue over who calls for take-out. her bday is exactly a month after mine and she reads (almost) as much as i do.

sounds great, right? well... the ultimate test will be settling on an apartment. i really hope that our amicable sentiments will keep us civil and gracious... tall order, i know... wish us luck!


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