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Monday, April 21

back to "normal"...

getting back to a sense of normal has been difficult. moving, vacation, excessive work loads, the wine store, warming weather, and cat psychology has kept me too busy to stay on top of things. i feel overloaded and last friday i kinda broke under the pressure. i had to leave work a bit early in order to just SIT and do nothing while my head spun for a while. it wasnt horrible, but i hate that my body had to give out in order for me to allow myself veg time.

"normal" will include more reading time and less tv time. in order to reach this state of normalcy, i will need to skim the new yorker instead of scour it, i will need to not be so exhausted that i "cant lift my book to see it" and i will need to acknowledge that certain shows are actually bad and simply turn off the tube.

"normal" will also include regular work outs - preferably in the morning as the elliptical is in my bedroom. in order to achieve this, i have to start getting up after 8 hours of sleep instead of hitting snooze (who really needs more than 8 hours? i'm fully aware of how self-indulgent this is in this day and age), i will also have to "suck it up wussie" and re-learn cardiovascular health as i've slumped into the wonderfulness that is only pilates/yoga instead of a well-rounded level of activity. my heart misses the action, baby.

"normal" usually contains a goodly amount of cooking time. i think i'm doing alright in this category. thanks to frozen fish from aldi, asparagus season and e's cast iron pan, i've been eating well and cooking from scratch.

what have i been doing instead of being "normal"? i've been having some fun: yesterday was the first of many margaritas on the roof sunday-fundays. my apartment is fully furnished, the POD is gone, the boxes are unpacked and the only thing left to do is organize the spice drawer (any ideas? why is this the hardest drawer to organize?). e and i are actively trying to get elston to not stalk romeo, which is very difficult indeed. and all the while, i'm getting to know my really great, new roomie. oh yeah, and working and working and working...

so hopefully "normal" will slowly come back, one step at a time. until then, i raise a luke-warm margarita in celebration of spring in the city!


Anonymous Lo said...

I have a spice cupboard that's built into the one wall in my kitchen. It's perfect for spices and canned goods. It was a selling point. :) Good luck on getting back to normal. You deserve it!

2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need more than 8 hours sleep - more like 9 or 10...

ahhhh, sleep...

and do Bikram Yoga - it's aerobic!


8:32 PM


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