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Thursday, January 4


another year, another thousand notches...

accomplishments, failures, explorations, exploitations, beginnings, endings and everything in between can best describe my 2006. not to say yours wasnt as eventful, but i'm really glad for 2007.

i did have a few regrets at the end of the year. and at this point, i'm willing to point them out so i can sit and stew for a while, and hopefully remedy this for 2007.

i didnt...

1. do the IL - MN drive in October, so i missed most of the glorious fall colors
2. read as many physical books as i would have liked (audiobooks - i got plenty of those down)
3. consume nearly enough chicago hot dogs
4. get a new phone
5. purchase my own vehicle
6. go to the Green Mill
7. get to see Pawlenty booted

december caused a lot of stress for me and my loved ones. we didnt know where to spend christmas, i have 2 jobs now, my day job got rediculously difficult and the night one became demanding, non-9-5 schedules abounded and distracted. so what, oh what, did we do to relieve this stress?


1. did yoga
2. cried
3. went to see lefka at the blue stem w/ my pals wayyy too many times
4. had a bit of a meltdown before christmas
5. consequently spent christmas laying around on my arse with a glass of wine at all times
6. did more yoga
7. made absolutely zero new years resolutions

i also did a little bit of reading in december. not much, mind you, what with all the stress and everything.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
oskar's dad was a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. he searches the entire city for answers. absolutely beautiful.

Batman - Hush by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair
2 books in this graphic novel series. batman & catwoman team up to solve the bizzare happenings in gotham city and metropolis. apperances by your favorite heros and villans. i enjoyed this b/c it was an indulgence. we spent the whole day playing video games, eating candy & popcorn and trading comics back and forth. really. we did.

tasty adult beverages were a common theme this month. i consumed many, but not too many, of course. and always, never when i had to drive. some favorites were:

1. the french kiss martini at the blue stem cocktail lounge
2. the dirty martini w/ blu cheese stuffed olives at blue stem
3. michel frere pink champagne
4. sterling cab-sauv
5. hot cocoa w/ a generous portion of baileys
6. robert craig affinity cab at a taste of vino
7. renwood cab from the liquor store next door

and random highlights of the month included pouring a $165 bottle of wine at the wine tasting; the arrival of my first finished, bound textbook (now that was a difficult baby to birth); and, i got the greatest present ever from h.

so to all whom i have conceivably ignored these past few months, i am sorry. it's been a doozy. i am hoping to have more free time to share with you all in this grand year of 2007.

Cheers to all!


Anonymous Lo said...

My beverage of choice was Tequilla Rose. By the gallon. In hot chocolate, in shot glasses, in Bethel mugs for spite. Lots of it. And a bottle of wine I got as a present from work.

I am sorry that life was so stressful, but I hope it gets better in 2007. If you ignored people, they will have to get over it. :) I'll see you soon!

11:22 AM

Blogger rhett said...

glad you updated. It was sad not hearing what you've been up to. You should make a post of all the *good* things that happened over the past year! You're the best Dr. G!

9:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive me for being a stranger, but I was searching for "Dr. Gonzo" from fear and loathing when I stumbled upon your blog.

The Green Mill is an excellent place to go and visit if you can.

Chicago is the greatest city in the world - you rock.

11:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is your name from Fear and Loathing? I wonder...

Congrats on the alchol consumption, it sounds delish!


3:39 PM

Blogger dr. gonzo said...

well, the moniker is complicated. partly, it has to do w/ the Great Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson and love of shoot-at-the-hip gonzo journalism. the other part, as my icon indicates, i freaking love the muppets, especially gonzo, whom i'd like to believe is also a part of the Great Doctor's influence.

i was told this entry was a bit of a downer, and i apologize for that... 2006 was a series of ups and downs, with a couple of downs being very low. i was simply trying to sweep 2006 up in a neat pile and roll my sleeves up for 2007 - come what may!!

thanks to all of the readers!!

10:47 AM

Anonymous Lo said...

I thought it was a well-balanced meal, but then I am sometimes on the meloncholy side, so take it as you will.

12:39 AM


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