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Monday, August 15

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sigh. i'm watching french kiss yet again. i have seriously seen this movie twenty times. i dont know why i like it so much. i mean, you can only watch a romantic comedy so many times before you get cavities from the sappy-sweetness. really, i dont want to go grocery shopping. would anyone want to go for me? does anyone really like grocery shopping? there's something to be said for shopping in bulk at sam's club or costco. unfortunately, one huge trip each month would cause just as much stress for me as 2 or 3 little trips. plus, i get fresh veggies. i used to bribe myself by going to super target where i could get a bottle of nail polish or peruse the shoes before checking out. but recently, that doesnt do it. i'd rather spend the money and the calories on chipotle or walk down the road to the coffee shop. if i lived in a foreign country (you know, a quiant one) the daily shopping trip would be normal. bread & coffee. veggies and fish. sigh.

que sera shiraz.................. (what will be will be with wine - more or less)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally like French Kiss because of this line: "My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch." Still think it's hillarious. I too hate grocery shopping. Get Simon Delivers. I would shop for groceries for a "small" fee.


7:48 AM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

funny about that.... Simon Delivers to most of the Twin Cities, but not to my area. well, at least, they didnt as of 8 months ago when i checked.

in Illinois, Jewel offers Peapod, which is essentially the same service, but through the actual Jewel by your house, so you're familiar with the products. it started out as a service for the people who couldnt make trips by themselves, but it got so big that it totally rivaled the local Simon Delivers. i dont know if it still exists.... but that's one more thing about IL that i love - GOOD grocery stores that sell things at reasonable prices. (as opposed to specialty stores that jack up thier prices for the same damn stuff, but they get first dibs on produce and meat - eff you, Byerly's!!! eff you!!!)

movie reference: ahhhh i do love that line! and i really love the part where Luc shows Kate his wine "spice rack" and his future vineyard. maybe it's cuz that's the guy i want to find... someone who will indulge my wine fetish to the highest degree... ;o)

10:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say that romantic comedies are the great part of life, espcially when you have had a hard day, nothing quite makes it up to you like your favorite romantic comedy. I used to watch Return To Me almost daily... it's a great movie to relax too.


11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched French Kiss last night! One of the better romantic comedies I've seen.

"You are in bed with the sheets pulled up, the light is going off and then like a leetel rabbit..."

It doesn't hurt that I love Paris as well ;)

11:40 AM


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