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Tuesday, December 28

Conclusion: Understanding the Importance of Hand-eye Coordination

Dear lord i did it. all you boys out there who hate it when thier women yell and scream about how long you've been playing video games - i can now understand your frustration.

On Christmas Day evening, when all my friends were still busy with family, my hubby and i decided to invade his sister's house. he & his bro-in-law have been arranging various Halo tournaments, ever-expanding their couch capacity. now, they have enough equipment to engage up to 12 players. i think they are contemplating using the 13" TV, which i highly discouraged, sighting the huge disadvantage of sitting 3 inches from the screen (quite the shock factor - try it sometime). Anyways, i asked what this big deal was, and hopping to answer, the boys quickly divided us into teams, the homeowners with the BIG tv, the renters with the "little" guy (32"). the sparring matches and king of the hill modes quickly swept the hours away. i finally noticed how late it was when my sis's character didnt seem to be anywhere. no, not hiding on the hills with a sniper rifle, but standing still in a clump of bushes, waiting while she snoozed away. yes, 5 hours later, my hubby and i returned home, bleary-eyed and rubber-fingered. delerious from over-stimulation.

and i slept like a rock.


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