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Monday, November 13


Local man loses in rock, scissors, paper tourney

The Associated Press
Tribune staff reporter
Published November 13, 2006, 7:11 AM CST

Gym teacher Jason Kieronski is returning to Chicago empty handed after losing out in an international rock, scissors, paper tournament in Toronto.

Kieronski, 28, who teaches at a middle school in Glenview, says he was eliminated in the first round Saturday, losing to a woman from New York.

And to make it a bit more embarrassing, Kieronski's father, who originally only came along for the ride, decided to enter the contest himself and lasted into the second round.

About 500 people from around the world took part in the tournament at a Toronto brewery. The eventual champion was an Englishman from London.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you able to participate in the tournament? I mean to you have to qualify thru regionals - that would make it oh so much cooler.


3:24 PM


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