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Wednesday, November 1


in celebration of halloween, a few of us ventured to a genuinely haunted bar on the north side of chicago. the red lion pub, as legend has it, is haunted upstairs. perodically guests can hear clomping and screaming coming from above. in addition, there were various photos taken in the building (1st level and 2nd level) where weird auras of light have shown up. these "orbs" are a bit... questionable. so of course, we were intrigued.

bee-roo volunteered her headshot for our first attempt.
betsy aura
i'm not sure if that's a mirror...

and elizabeth (who will prolly kill me for posting such a loverly picture of her) definitely has somethin' going on...
liz aura
i swear, it was totally candid.

but, by far, the freakiest thing in the bar was the table. it appeared that many lost "munch-ish" souls were trapped in the veneer.
table haunting

once we had our fill of creativity, we headed back to the el stop. our counterpart, nina, at once shouted that we were standing in the exact spot where john dillinger was shot! sure enough, we found the stencil to prove it. this, in itself, perfected my halloween night.

i hope you too had spooky occurances on this holiday. either that, or i hope you didnt get egged by 12 year olds in masks.


Blogger Nicole said...

Ohhh so jealous...wish I could have seen you girls on Halloween or anytime for that matter. Nothing spooky happened here except handing out candy to post-college age adults! What is that about?!?!?

3:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, you had post college aged adults? I had teenagers, but that is pretty expected.

ooooo, did betsy feel something creepy by her?


11:12 PM


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