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Friday, November 3

are you parroting me?

ok, this freaked me out. this morning, in my usual stupor, i was eating cereal and watching ellen on the oh! channel (dont make fun - it's nice and easy to digest in the morning) when an eHarmony commercial came on. i didnt pay much attention until i heard two doctors touting a new eHarmony marriage advice section on the website. get this: Dr. Les Parrot and Dr. Leslie Parrott are going to help you have a happy marriage. now, i dont know about you, but my bet is that Dr. Les (the guy) - his first name has to be Leslie. doncha think that's a bit ironic? Leslie and Leslie PARROTT? no wonder they've been married for 22 years...


talking parrot


Blogger Lulu said...

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10:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually they are very popular out here, I've been hearing their ads on the Christian radio here for like two, three years. They do all sorts of conferences out here.


11:43 AM


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