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Thursday, July 2

garden v 2.3

garden update! i'm SO much happier with the garden this year than last! lesson #1 learned: watering 101. all of the herbies have thrived with the upgraded potting drainage system. the only one i'm confused about is the purple basil. it's a bit on the weak side and i cant figure out if it's supposed to look like that or if i'm actually doing something wrong.

also to note: i had a great cilantro harvest but didnt realize i should be vigilant about the seed shoots. i think my cilantro is done for the season. if it's true, i'll be potting some mint and thyme in it's place!

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hanging tomatoes are doing very well too. these are on the west side of the porch and i think i need to raise them for more direct sunlight. if you compare to the east side plants, they are on the scrawny side. i dont think this should make a difference though - see the guy in the pot on the bottom left? he's a cherry tomato and he's doing extremely well (34 blossoms!!) on the same side.

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here's the east side guys. THRIVING is the main word here. it's been a lot of fun tracking the branches - they stick out everywhere but are still growing "up"! note the cucumber plant at the bottom - he's crawling up my hand-made trellis like a pro! i think i have 10 blossoms on there... tomato and cucumber salad, anyone?!

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and i had to share this one... the lounge tent at the wedding i attended this past weekend had a bunch of paper lanterns strung up. this very persistent butterfly would not leave the pink ones alone! so pretty!

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