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Monday, May 11

garden v 2.1

growy things!

this mom's day us ladies ventured to the local nursery and picked up some really fun greens for show and plant. i got excited about the herbies but i think i may have to go out and get some more. see, my tomato solution this year is to grow them upside down a la yelling guy's ad. this frees up a TON of pot space and will allow me to plant a lot of cilantro and basil - my two staples.

for color, i scored some pre-planted antique violas (one of my favorite flowers!). i went pre-planted because i seem to have issues with flowers. at least this way they start off with a fighting chance.

list of plants thus far:
tomatoes - cherry and yellow pear (i may try for a bigger red like big boy but i'm nervous)
cucumbers - plan is to do these upsideown too
basil & purple basil



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