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Wednesday, February 4

can you tell i'm in a sour mood?

turns out if you park on a main street in chicago overnight where they've posted the 2 inch snow rule, they really do ticket. bastards!!

i figure i could have posted that on my facebook status, but i am choosing not to. see, here i can expound a bit more about my frustration. it's not good enough that i have to keep paying for little tidbits on my aging jetta, but i also have to pay to park when there are zero spots in my neighborhood due to lousy snowplowing. and i find it horribly ironic that i had parking issues because they plowed the plow route but did not plow the side streets. sigh. today i heard on the radio that it costs il taxpayers 300 million dollars a year to pay for our government's corruption. and i think the reporter stipulated that this is in cook county alone.

oh, it's also only 16 above zero today.


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