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Sunday, January 4

2008 and beyond

i'm not a believer in new year's resolutions but i do enjoy taking a look back at the year and comparing to others... here's a quick run-down for ya, in no particular order.


...did not:
  1. get promoted again
  2. get invited to any of the sales meetings... again
  3. get the upgraded laptop so sorely needed for my job
  4. get the mac i so desperately crave for my personal use
  5. qualify for lasik surgery (eh, i'll have perfect eyesight when i'm mom's age - HAH!)
  6. have a hangover on january 1 for TWO years running
  7. watch nearly enough movie theater movies
  8. read all of 2008's new yorker magazines
  9. find a favorite indie bookstore in chicago
  10. have the urge to bash my head against random bar bathroom stalls
  11. solve all of my emotional or life issues... at all... in fact, i'm sure i've compounded them

  1. vote for barack obama AND attend the election night rally
  2. moved into a fabulous apartment in the city with an amazing roommate
  3. get a facebook account
  4. find a pretty cool guy to hang around with
  5. read 27 books
  6. read an estimated 70% of 2008's new yorker magazines cover-to-cover
  7. work out regularly
  8. try out and enjoyed regular bikram classes
  9. (and hence) actually lost those 5 lbs!
  10. survive bartending at the atov bistro
  11. consequently: overworked myself
  12. travel to san antonio, los angeles, san diego, twin cities, the dells, madison and davenport
  13. thoroughly enjoyed more than my fair share of a $90 bottle of wine

i'm not quite sure what 2009 will bring... i'd like to start seeing a shrink again - especially now that i feel healthier, so that i have a good perspective of myself as a "happy, healthy individual" when the times of trial inevitably occur. i did want lasiks but the ki-bash was put on that... perhaps i'll nab myself a giant tv or that mac i really want (if i get the mac, do i really NEED the tv!?). i miss spending time with my grandparents, mom and sister. moving back to the city was what i needed for sanity and strength but i really love having my family touchstones so close. the biggest thing i want to accomplish is figuring out what to do with my career. the economy is scary right now and i'm simply thankful for a job, but i'm at a crux with my talent/desire/passion vs. actual wages/clout received. all i can do is be cliche - put my best foot forward and go with the flow....

this year's new year's cheers deserves a dusky, deep red, earthy merlot... here's to 2009!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice list! I have yet to do my yearly reflection, but you have inspired me. I hope I get to it soon. :)

And way to go you for all the things on your "did" list!

Here's to a happy new year!

12:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Megan, is that you? I didn't know you had a blerg, I mean blog.

12:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time I think I'm just going to crash the NSM and trick people into buying me drinks all week.

We should get lunch or something this week since we may be the only people left in the office.

P.S. My word verification thing to post this comment is "dething" which sounds like a lord of the rings monster or something. Just thought I'd share.

1:52 PM

Blogger Grace said...

ok, i have to ask why the kibosh was put on lasik? Are your corneas too thin? If you want an in-depth description of the surgery feel free to call my brother, it almost made me pass out!

I am glad you like Bikram! I bet next time we meet there won't be a Bikram class in the area... but someday we can go together...


2:59 PM


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