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Friday, March 13

PEN-15 club

"ha ha! you have PENIS written on your hand!"

yeah, but not quite... my pal, sara, started a long-lost tradition among a small group of friends. the name, albeit pleasantly raunchy, is a bit of a play on words. about ten of us will gather in april to go over our own short stories. sara resurrected the club from her high school days (i dont believe they would allow such "nonsense" at a place like wheaton... HA). from the invite email, i deduce that we'll be indulging in good food and booze as well as the written word. which leads to my reaction:


i havent written anything of merit in... [gulp]... years. i specifically remember sitting down in the living room at marshfield (the third past residence) and creating a piece after my dad passed away. after that, um... nada...

reading my old writing is like an anonymous blow to the back of the head - i had some good lines. do i still have good lines? who was that person who had that turn of phrase? was it me? was it someone else? was i ever able to do more than just a few lines? can i still string things together? my sense of humor has changed - will it change my writing?

...and i'm left without breath and have practically blacked out in front of the computer screen. do i have any of that left in me? i guess i'll find out...


Blogger clumsygrace said...

at least you know it will be better than stephanie meyer!! :-)

6:25 PM

Blogger dr gonzo said...

heehee... i can only hope!

12:45 PM


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