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Wednesday, December 17

sniff sniff...

with 162 games per year, i never thought i'd say this but... i miss baseball! last night i caught a few of the "top 100" sports moments in history and i found myself plastered to the screen just to get little tidbits of baseball... a terrific stretch, a gigantic leap towards "safe," hell... even the bloopers were fabulous! who'd have thought? me - starry-eyed over baseball well into post-season...


Anonymous Gilbert Blythe said...

Rejoice in the fact that, due to the World Baseball Classic, pitchers and catchers report two weeks earlier this year!

The opening game of the glassic is China against Japan on March 5th! We can make it. It'll be okay.

Yes we can! Yes we can!

11:33 AM

Blogger Kiki said...

That is an adorable snowman

12:57 PM


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