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Thursday, June 19

banner day with a bit of karmic fall-back

as i rounded 3rd to home and high-fived my teammate who crossed the plate just before me, i heard quite a few congratulatory remarks coming from our duggout. none though, was any more descriptive of my day than karen's comment:

"go megan! what a great day! you learned stick and you SCORED!!"

i swear, the whole field was in hysterics (at least, my side of the field was in a conniption). what karen meant is that i had a banner day. my boss took our team out for lunch and upon our return volunteered to teach me how to drive a manual car. i've had a great teacher, who in fact, taught me everything i know about manual driving (thanks h!) but his truck never quite liked me. it's a good truck, to be sure, but that horse was not for me to ride. so this time i tried a brand new jetta. and it purred for me! hence, i learned stick.

the score part is easier to figure out... for the first time in 2 years, i managed to run all of the bases (albeit one at a time) and provide a solid stat for my team.

as a topper to the day, for the half of the game i didnt play, i learned how to fill out the box score. it was a lot of fun, and my friend kim was very patient with me.

so what, you ask, is the karmic fall-back? see now, i'm not sure if this is karma or not... but it's definitely the world balancing itself out. i got back home and pawed through my mail to find a bill for 3 unpaid parking tickets from 2006. well now aint that a byotch?


Blogger 10lees said...

I hate parking tickets, they just don't make any sense to pay...

9:48 PM


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