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Monday, June 16

inflexible flex time

i realize that the majority of the cube working world revolves around an 8-5 schedule with mandatory hour lunches and frustrating sick policies. i, however, work for a company that is marginally more laid back than that. i can enter the office anytime before 10am. as long as i put in my 7 hours (it's a 35 hour work week), i'm good to go.

a few weeks back (coinciding with a huge jump in gas prices) a bunch of us peons proposed the idea of a compressed work week schedule, so we wouldn't have to come into the office on fridays. saves gas and promotes our carpooling.

our company (to our surprise) announced a compressed schedule program last week. we whooped for joy. most sub-peons loved this idea and immediately joined up. i, however, held back. as a regular peon, i have a lot of stupid responsibilities. i would need to check my email on fridays, regardless of day off. i dont get paid enough to check my emails in overtime, mind you, but i'd still have to do it to get paid at all. so i suggested i do a mostly-compressed work week and do a half day from home, answering inane emails.

side note: on a regular friday, i do spend at least 4 hours holed up in my cube, not answering any new requests - i'm simply solving old problems the week did not allow me time to indulge.

unfortunately, the higher ups put the ki-bash on that one this afternoon. no working from home. i simply do not understand this one.

i also noticed some small print in the proposal: you MUST get into work by 8:30am. See now, most folks go "yeah, duh, you'd have to"... i go "no, i really dont" because currently, i stay late. there are nights when i dont leave the office until 7pm. and i do not mind this. i'd rather work late than get here early.

so my overly rebellious mind is completely revolting right now. i do not wish to indulge in the compressed work week. i wish to continue getting into the office at 9am. i wish to continue putting in as much time as i need to get my work done. but i also wish to leave after my work is complete for the week. so i think i will. unless someone talks me down from this stance, i dont see why i cant do it.



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