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Wednesday, June 18

deep, fresh breaths

last night i had a chill time with some friends. went to my pal tq's new apartment (which is in the area of town with the least amount of parking outside of lincoln park) and brought a bottle of chardonnay to share with fish tacos. the food was fabulous, the weather was pristine, the cubs did a good job (albeit losing - it was close though!) and i had a great time overall.

i'm starting to dig summertime. now that i'm "adjusting" my work schedule, i have some great daylight hours of free time. next order of business is to tune up my bike. it's rather late in the season, i know, but you gotta start somewhere! can anyone recommend a good brand of tire pump for compression tires?

my garden is ok... i'm starting to wonder about the tomato plants and the amount of soil in the pots they reside in... i'll post a pix later on in the week. 2nd order of business is to grab more soil and possibly a starter plant of cilantro. those fish tacos were supreme b/c of the fresh cilantro!


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